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Top managers business travels need special attention, and Billionaire Travel has a team of highly skilled professionals to this end. We are reliable, accurate, fast and we anticipate situations.

Specialized in touching travels, from the simple weekend … to the tour around the world. We have a real attitude to exclusivity. Be inspired..

The best rates to fly from Italy to Mombasa in business or economy class can be found by us. Thanks to our habitual clients who reach the Billionaire Resort, we obtain the best deals available.

We are specialized in organizing the European business travels of the most important teams. Top European teams require high-level services, coordination, safety, speed and efficiency.. All the ingredients that we apply to every single service for business managers or for your holidays..

It ‘s a service especially suitable for high standing professionals, or people and families, who do not want a personal assistant but who travel constantly. Billionaire Travel provides a personalized service of the highest level with dedicated availability of our team to accomplish quickly and with precision all requests in every detail.

Switzerland spectacular mountain views, beautiful snowy landscapes, many irresistible offers on the snow and pure wintry romanticism are waiting for yuo at the Swiss Historic Hotels. Billionaire Travel offers this and much more…

Billionaire Travel, your travel agency in Lugano.

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