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Billionaire is a nocturnal adventure offering a luxury dining concept paired with nightlife, consisting of special shows and spectacular entertainment. Perfectly blending extraordinary performances, exceptional food and service, Billionaire, “Masters of Extravaganza”, is set to conquer the global entertainment and hospitality world.

Billionaire was conceived in 1998 by world-renowned F1 legend Flavio Briatore.

He wished to create a concept that could bring back the party glamour and buzz to Costa Smeralda. With intuition, creativity and sharp business sense, Briatore established a venue that quickly became an icon of quality entertainment and a favourite destination amongst the international jet setters.

The bold name chose by Flavio Briatore is because, in his own words: ‘even if a bit arrogant….its a name you don’t forget, and the club’s fame soon turned Billionaire into a prestigious brand synonym of outstanding service, excellent music and entertainment in an electrifying atmosphere.

Billionaire Dubai boldly steers away from the standards dining experiences the city has to offer, by pairing its extraordinary grand show with an exquisite culinary experience, enjoyed in  the most mesmerizing of settings. With its perfect blend of food and entertainment, paired with an electrifying atmosphere and impeccable service, it is a spectacle unlike anything you’ve seen before. Scouring the globe for the best of the best, Billionaire’ artistic production director Montse More, formerly of Cirque Du Soleil, has brough together a cast of the world’s most talented dancers, singers and acrobats in a show that transports guests to wonderous land of unadulterated fun.

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